David Hickie

As a passionate garden lover, award-winning garden designer and Chartered Landscape Architect, I really enjoy creating new wonderful gardens and outdoor spaces.

Gardens are about people.

Garden design is not about imposing your aesthetics on others, it is about listening to the client’s needs and preferences.

How do they want to use these spaces? What do they like? What do they dislike? It is about opening their eyes to the possibilities of such spaces.

Realising the potential of garden space in functional and artistic terms is challenging but when it all comes together, the results can be breath-taking.  

I studied Landscape Architecture at Sheffield University and initially designed using a very natural palette and style. My passion for historic buildings. landscapes and gardens led me to become the Senior Landscape Architect for English Heritage (now known as Historic England) – working on historic estates and beautiful formal gardens. I am also a Member of the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Recently I have enjoyed working on a range of gardens for clients including ‘modern’ large-scale gardens with large lawns and massive zones of ornamental grasses and ‘modern’ sculptures and water features.   

London Garden Design is part of DHA Landscape Architecture – a Landscape Institute Registered Landscape Practice.